mercoledì 1 settembre 2010

Old and new experiments...

In these days I felt less creative as usual, so I decided to reuse my old clutch version to do a kitten portemonnaie. It's really sweet. I love cats and this is my fave fabric!

Then I found a great pattern on the blog Noodlehead, but I confess: my purse is terrible compared to hers! Anyways, lots of love to Anna for sharing her gathered clutch tutorial!!

The only doubt I still have is... do the seams remain visible? In my case it looks pretty horrible because of the many layers I used. Does anybody have suggestions?
Here you see how it looks in my gathered clutch!
(and don't look at the zipper, one day I'll learn that too!!)

2 commenti:

  1. meravigliose, complimenti! ti ho appena scoperta, ma mi iscrivo subito al tuo blog! sei davvero brava!:) io sono barbara

  2. grazie! aperto da poco in effetti... ^.^
    piacere di conoscerti!!