martedì 24 agosto 2010

My Owl

Last week in Cologne we ended up in a pretty interesting balloon shop. You could find any kind of ballon there, incredible! Moreover there was a big area full of ribbons and paper stuff, then another area was dedicated to crafty objects. I really liked it, evn if I'm more that kind of person that does not get impressed by the cool look (I love markets and vintage or second hand shops).
Anyways my friend Vero fall in love with an owl pocket and as it was  pretty expensive I promised to do a similar one for her. Unfortunately it's completely different from the model, but still nice.
I'll post some pictures, even if I'm not 100% satisfied. I still don't get how to put zippers in a tidy way!! :-(

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  1. complimenti a me piace tanto,continua cosi ciao da Sabrina,se vuoi vieni a salutarmi nel mio blog ciao ciao