lunedì 9 agosto 2010

Summer bags

After all this flowers I produced I really needed to find a place where to put them and bags are my fave items to craft.
This jeans bag was taken by my sister Silvia before I could decorate it... so I decided to do it today as she was not home. Surprise! She was really happy about the result! :-)

As I'm really bored in that days I decided to do another bag that my sister asked me for. She wants to do a nice present for a penfriend, so I realized the "kitten-bag" with a (super-expensive) fabric I found in Berlin. I have really few of it, so I try to use it only for the best occasions. In this case the kittens did a great job! :-)
A picture of the work-in-progress in my lab and some of the finished work.

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