domenica 8 agosto 2010

Sleepy August

This is going to be a long August. My friends are in vacation, it's so hot and I get sleepy. And all this spare time is confusing me. :-) But let's do the best out of it!
In these days I'm working on a sewing project of a big green travel bag which I would like to bring with me in my trip to Cologne in the end of August. Actually it's not a difficult bag to do, but right now I'm on a dead point because of the round part I have to sew. I hate that part! :-(
Basically my problem is that I'm afraid of doing mistakes, and the green layers are made of leather, so I can't stich because otherwise the holes would remain visible. Anyways I'm confident! I can do it!! :-D
Here you can see some pictures of the "work in progress".

Another experiment I did was to make a cameo by myself. I saw a lot of great tutorials on how to fill them up with resin, but that looks pretty complicated. I just made it my way with glue and fixing spray... and the result is not bad I think! The images are from a Cezanne painting "Madame Cezanne".

Now I just need to find something to do with them... maybe earrings?!

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